Showing off

deep fried duck egg yolk

Generally I like to leave ‘wow’ food to aspiring and actual Michelin starred chefs, however there are times when it’s worth having a show-off dish in your repertoire that you can roll it out in situations where you really need to impress. Perhaps you’re trying to show your partner just how much you love them, or maybe you’ve invited that ultra-competitive colleague over to dinner and you want to really get under their skin.

After a truly amazing meal at Van Zeller’s restaurant in Harrogate* with a couple of bottles of wine, I drunkenly completed the comments form and cheekily asked for the recipe for the crispy fried duck egg yolk that had been served with the starter. Low and behold an email came from Tom Van Zeller a few days later with the recipe below. It was several months before I dared to give it a try but I have to say that it was much easier than it sounds and it just looks so very impressive (as well as tasting delicious).

I served mine with a simple rocket, crispy bacon and croûton salad and let the egg do the talking.

Van Zeller’s deep fried duck egg yolk

Buy very fresh duck eggs
Separate the white from the yolk and reserve both
Poach the yolk in boiling, salted water for 2mins
Re-fresh in iced water
Pat dry
Roll/dust in a little flour
Whisk the egg white and season lightly
Coat the dusted yolk in the egg white
Roll in breadcrumbs
Deep-fry for 1.5 mins @170′
Cut open and serve

n.b. we use Japanese breadcrumbs called Panako which you can buy in good supermarkets

*I’m sure this restaurant will have a Michelin star soon.


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