Crunch controversy

As the number one fan of Granny’s crunch I thought my father would be thrilled to see the recipe on my blog. But instead he was outraged, “I hate nuts in food and there should definitely not be any walnuts in crunch”. So here I am thinking that walnuts gave it that unique flavour which bought back so many happy memories (see my post Childhood memories and Granny’s special recipe), and here is my father asserting that walnuts have crept in on route from New Zealand to contaminate this precious recipe.

There is nothing like food to divide family opinion. Anyway, in an attempt to lay the matter to rest, Dad has dug out another version of the recipe in one of mum’s old cookery folders. This is in Granny’s own handwriting so should this be taken as the definitive version?

Besides the lack of walnuts, there are other differences. It just says sugar (not brown sugar) and there is no option for butter instead of margarine. It also quotes 375 F which I believe is actually 170oC fan, not 160oC which I used for the previous version.

I thought I’d give the bona fide version of the recipe a try (see below).

And I really hate to say it but I prefer the one with walnuts and so do my husband and my children. So I’m sorry Dad but this recipe will be passed down on our side of the family with walnuts, butter and brown sugar. The question is do I rename it New Zealand crunch?

Crunch recipe in Granny's own handwriting.

Crunch recipe in Granny’s own handwriting.


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