Easy chocolate biscuits (decorated for Christmas)

Xmas chocolate biscuits trees

I felt guilty about the paragraph in my last post which casually suggested decorating the chocolate biscuits with white icing for Christmas. This is because I hadn’t actually tried this out and my piping skills are notoriously awful. It played on my mind so much that I just had to give it a go to check that I hadn’t doled out some really terrible advice.

Luckily it did work and here are photos of the results. As you can see I haven’t been too adventurous with the piping patterns, although I did get a bit braver as I went along. I started with the Christmas trees above (where the icing is no more than a rough squiggle) and then went on to the angels, stars and hearts (see below). If you want to hang them on the tree then remember to make a hole in the top before you cook them, I used a plastic straw to do this.

To stop myself from panicking at the piping stage I just kept reminding myself  that Christmas is meant to be fun and that my children (and husband) would eat the biscuits whatever they looked like.

The icing is just icing sugar and water mixed so that it is just runny enough to flow easily but not so runny that it falls through the nozzle of the piping bag without pressure. I used the smallest nozzle in my Lakeland piping kit. Once you’ve iced your biscuits just put them in the fridge until the icing has hardened.

In case you missed it here’s the recipe for Easy Chocolate Biscuits.

Xmas chocolate biscuits all copy


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