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Chocolate frozen yoghurt lollies

Nutella yoghurt lollies x

It’s the summer holidays, and whilst I love my children without question, they do test my patience by vacillating wildly between being funny little angels and obnoxious little monsters. Despite all the parenting advice which says it’s wrong, I get through the day by offering incentives and dealing out ultimatums, “If you two could just stop squabbling for all of five minutes you can have X”, followed by “if you don’t brush your hair/clean your teeth/get dressed/eat your breakfast you won’t get X”.

For most of the year TV is my bargaining tool of choice but in summer lollies work better. Freezing pure juice is an obvious good/healthy idea but this is not an incentive for a son who hates all fruit, so I came up with this simple idea of mixing natural yoghurt with Nutella (or fake version of) and then layering it with plain yoghurt so that it isn’t too unhealthy.

PS. If you don’t have children please ignore the whinging above but make these anyway – for yourself. However, if I was making these for myself I’d make them entirely of the chocolate/yoghurt mix and do a few extra sit ups.

Chocolate frozen yoghurt lollies

Makes 6 small lollies (using Annabel Karmel lolly moulds £3 from Tesco, see photo below)

lolly mould

Mix 120ml of full fat natural yoghurt (I use Yeo Valley which is nice and creamy) with 1 heaped dessert spoonful of chocolate hazelnut spread (Nutella or supermarket own brand) until well incorporated.

Put 2 teaspoons of the chocolate yoghurt mixture into the bottom of each lolly mould.

Then add 2-3 teaspoons of natural yoghurt to each mould.

Finally, for the top layer, add another teaspoon of the chocolate mixture (this is to encourage children to eat through the blander plain yoghurt to get to the bottom, if such an incentive is needed).

Put the tops on and place in the freezer until solid.